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What is the idea of the Customized Full-Service (or All-Inclusive) Wedding Concept? The Bride is of course preparing for one of the most special days of her life. She should not need to be concerned with the myriad of Southern Pines NC Wedding Venue ceremony and reception details. They only add stress, take precious time and steal joy. Instead, she can turn those details over to experts that know them intimately, inside, and out. Consequently leaving her free to focus on things like her marriage, guest list, and wedding dress.

Meet Caroline Naysmith, a highly motivated results-oriented visionary and co-owner of Duncraig Manor. She is a trailblazer who pioneered the Customized Full-Service, historic destination, wedding concept. She began in St. Louis, Missouri in 1989 with the purchase and subsequent restoration of the 1857 Larimore House and Barn. She transformed them into a thriving and highly sought after wedding and special events venue. (www.larimoreweddings.com).

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As Caroline has proven

… time and time again, a venue manager implementing the Customized Full-Service wedding concept must have an organization in place consisting of both employees and vendors, or service partners. The employees should collectively possess the ability to not just sell but also plan and execute with excellence. In a small operation, a single employee may perform more than one role.

For example, the person conducting tours, conveying information, and “selling” the wedding, may also be the person that plans and coordinates the event. In a larger operation, it may be 2 or 3 different persons performing those roles. One of the keys to success is that employees have both the expertise in roles performed as well as the ability to apply that expertise with distinction in a manner that puts the client at ease.

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… the Naysmiths have restored 6 properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places and opened 5 of them as Special Events venues. The most recent is Duncraig Manor & Gardens in Southern Pines, NC which opened for Special Events in October of 2020. In this case, as with every other, they are contracting with outstanding service partners which are then marketed to brides as the “house” florist, photographer, String Quartet, etcetera. At each venue, the client is required to use the “house” caterer, as food quality and service are particularly important aspects of overall event success. But other service offerings are an optional, part of the customization process.

Another significant take-away

… is that the DJ and Bar Service are partners that, in a sense, control “the party”. To foster a wonderful experience and avoid embarrassing and/or dangerous behavior, discernment must be used when identifying the House DJ and House Bar Service. As a result of negotiated win-win partner agreements, Caroline and Donald can offer these services at less than market pricing which encourages brides to choose Duncraig Manor & Gardens as their wedding venue.

The outcome

… of well implemented Customized Full-Service events is that brides are the ultimate winners. They are offered the best of services in a client friendly manner at extremely attractive prices.

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